Monday 12 December 2016

Logitech Formula Force Drivers for Windows 10 64 Bit (x64)

Almost 20 years on, the Logitech Wingman Formula Force still works in windows. Released around the time USB was just arriving on the market, these robust wheels date from back in 1998.

Logitech discontinued driver development in 2006, however Saitek did release a 64bit driver based on the Immersion SDK. A primitive Force feedback design by today's standards, but it still works with most modern games.

This driver was adapted by Sly_North from the below Saitek source. 

To breath a new bit of life into the Logitech Wingman Formula Force, here is a Windows 10 Driver (signed) that will permit installation into Win10 x64 bit without the need to disable driver signing.

UPDATE [August 2022] - Ken830 has kindly provided the PIN outs for the DB9 to USB adapter

I measured all the pins of the DB9-to-USB cable... I did not find any connections between pins on the DB9 side -- all were open-circuit, and I checked it twice. 

Here's the pinout: 
    • DB9.1 <=> USB.1 (Vcc) 
    • DB9.5 <=> USB.4 (GND) 
    • DB9.8 <=> USB.3 (D+) 
    • DB9.9 <=> USB.2 (D-) 
    • DB9.Shield <=> USB.Shield

UPDATE [Jan 2020] - This driver no longer installs on fresh Windows 10 OS. This is due to MS changing signing requirements under fresh installs in Windows 10. The below driver is signed with SHA-1, which is no longer trusted, thus not supported in newer releases of Windows 10. I'm looking for a volunteer to re-sign these driver with SHA256 as per Practical Windows Code and Driver Signing


SHA256 C132B429B25D1AC0186C65A699FE6AC3131827E3E13297E8F507325B2B31B047

Saitek Source (updated 9/5/19)
SHA256 ECC4B98757FFBF53501A7D239CE3FA3B4D05B9543F091CA156D9EDE1ED44DB6F

Last version of Logitech Gaming Software (LGS) to support the wheel (Windows XP 32bit)

Credits: Leshcat of for signing the drivers to make this happen and to Sly_North for the original Saitek driver mod. (

Saturday 1 October 2016

Automatically purge email from Gmail.

Here's a quick script I've knocked up that will purge/permanently email on a schedule that have a particular label and are in the trash/bin.

Make a copy of the script. Edit the parameters as required.

  Version 1.01
  Date: 30/9/16
  Description: Script that will run automatically and permanently mail message
               based on a label + Bin 
  Author: Rob Ardill - G Guite Top Contributor
  Credits: Based on script
  Requires: Advanced Google Services + Gmail API enabled
  **************************** !!! IMPORTANT !!! ******************************
                     OF EMAIL!

  1. Update the values of the field GMAIL_LABEL.
  2. Go to Resource -> Advanced Google Services and enable Gmail API.
  3. Go to Run -> Initialize and authorize the script.
  4. Go to Run -> Install to install the script.
  Follwign step 4, the script will now be active and will run every day at 1am permanently removing any email that is in the trasb/bin and with the GMAIL_LABEL.
  If there are more than 100 items to remove it will do so in batches of 100 every 2 minutes.
  * If you want the script to run more frequently, you can adjust the trigger in the Function Install()
  To manually run the script follow the above steps 1 to 3, then Go to Run -> purgeGmail

  To unistall the script go to Run -> Uninstall to stop the purging script anytime.


Saturday 11 June 2016

PrimalForms CE - Community Edition (Free)

Sapien make some great tools and this is no exception. PrimalForms Community Edition is a Free version that has limited functionality.

I've used this for several OSS projects and it covers the essentials. The link on Sapien sites no longer works so below is a alternative link I've found. This version is but an version 1.0.10 was released also according to the blog. Only obvious change is it adds a start page.

Update: Unfortunately Sapien or one of their representatives has mistakenly slapped DMCA on this link for the free edition and I've removed it, rather than fight it.  You can certainly find it via Google or ask the right person ;-)

Filename: PrimalFormsCE.exe
Signed By: Sapien Technologies, Inc.
File size: 4,689,920 bytes
SHA1: B6DD673290F4DED363BD3A6B5787A5332BCC79A6

Version was released, but I'm yet to find a copy of it.