Friday 12 October 2012

How to uninstall Bigpond Security without the password

If you're unfortunate enough to have purchased this terrible product, only to find you cannot uninstall it as either your bigpond account no longer exists or you've forgotten the password, below is an easy way remove the password so, you can uninstall easily.

Note: if you are not familiar with using regedit, I suggest you seek advice from a professional. I take no responsibility for and damage or loss as a result of using the below guide.

These instruction apply to v1.5. Newer versions may differ.
  1. Open regedit (Start menu -> run) or shortcut Windows Key + R
  2. type in regedit and click okay
  3. Navigate through the registry tree and find the key below 

  4. Find the values starting with LLC and rename them.
    ie. ->
    LLCID -> disabledLLCID
  5.  Restart and then proceed with the uninstall without being prompted for the password.