Friday 12 November 2021

Mirabella Genio Power Plugs - Teardown / Open

This range of plugs can be sourced from Kmart or BigW for about $25-$30 AUD.

Mirabella Genio Wi-Fi Power Plug with Energy Monitoring (I002931) Kmart $25 Mirabella

Mirabella Genio Wi-Fi Double Power Plug with USB Ports (I002932) Kmart $29 Mirabella

New design

The new variety of Mirabella Genio Power Plugs lack screws and are now glued. With a bit of persistence, you can open these with a box cutter and small spatula or similar opening tool.

Mirabella are still using the TYWE2S is this design which is compatible with Tasmota.

Unfortunately these devices run the new Tuya firmware, which prevents using OTA tuya-convert to flash Tasmota or ESPHome.

Proceed at your own risk. This information is provided as a guide and you take full responsibility for any harm or damage that may result. Opening any mains powered device should only be done by a professional. I accept no responsibility for any malfunctioning devices as a result of this tutorial. This process will void warranty of the device. Proceed at your own risk.


Run the boxcutter around the outside, then use the spatula to carefully break the glue.

Once you have separated the sides, insert a the spatula just under the step a lift up. The corners can be a bit stubborn. Release both sides before trying to separate fully.

My favourite is the iSesamo from, but you can find similar on ebay for half the price.

ISesamo - Ebay


Only method available is serial. The TYWE2S IO can be accessed after unscrewing the PCB and separating the backplate. There is sufficient cable length to gain access.

Please see the other blog posts for flashing process.