Saturday 11 June 2016

PrimalForms CE - Community Edition (Free)

Sapien make some great tools and this is no exception. PrimalForms Community Edition is a Free version that has limited functionality.

I've used this for several OSS projects and it covers the essentials. The link on Sapien sites no longer works so below is a alternative link I've found. This version is but an version 1.0.10 was released also according to the blog. Only obvious change is it adds a start page.

Update: Unfortunately Sapien or one of their representatives has mistakenly slapped DMCA on this link for the free edition and I've removed it, rather than fight it.  You can certainly find it via Google or ask the right person ;-)

Filename: PrimalFormsCE.exe
Signed By: Sapien Technologies, Inc.
File size: 4,689,920 bytes
SHA1: B6DD673290F4DED363BD3A6B5787A5332BCC79A6

Version was released, but I'm yet to find a copy of it.