Sunday 26 December 2021

Benexmart Irrigation Timer - Tasmota conversion

Finding a cost effective Tuya water timer that can be converted, has been a bit of a hit and miss.

Earlier this year I found this Water Timer. Price was about $60 AUD from AliExpress. The Timer itself uses the TYWE1S module and consists of a single button and relay to control the valve.

Manufacture: Benexmart
Model: FJSJKZQ-TY-W-XV-JS (PCB Markings)

I have been running the timer via the regular Tuya integration with Home Assistant, but had the odd event when it failed to turn off. 

The original vendor listing isn't active, but I found these links.

TuyaSmart Life Store

As with recent devices, this was shipped with the newer Tuya firmware that doesn't work with tuya-convert, and needs to be flashed directly via serial.


Important note: Make sure your flasher is set to 3.3v


Opening the device takes a little patience. Case is glued. I started at the bottom (vents) and pried around, carefully breaking the glue. Once open you can access the 4 screws holding the front plate on. These have a small amount of silicon applied, but easily removed.

Tasmota config

There wasn't an existing Template for this device, but it was simple enough to create.

Device has LED (red), Button and relay. The Green led is linked to the valve state and not controllable independantly.


GPIO4 - Button - 1
GPIO12 - Led - 1
GPIO14 Relay - 1

Other Config

Console commands to configure auto off rule, in case of WiFi/MQTT interruption and (red) LED function.

Set red led to reflect WiFi/MQTT connection state (optional)

LedPower 1

Automatic turn off after 15 minutes (900 Seconds)

Rule1 ON power1#state=1 DO RuleTimer1 900 ENDON ON Rules#Timer=1 DO Power1 off ENDON
Rule1 1


  1. Hi, i try to open the device, can you please give some details for opening the device? wich part of the case is to open, the grey or the blue?

    1. If that's not clear, split rear grey housing and the aqua with a pry tool / spatula. Then that will expose the screw holding on the front panel (grey plastic fascia)

  2. The front section is fastened from the inside. You need to spearate the rear shell from the front section. The can then access the screws to release the front panel.